About me

Merry Meet! I can’t wait to help you grow your online business!

I'm Genie, a High-Priestess, Reiki Master, and Business Mentor for modern-day healers. My specialty is helping spiritual coaches, healers, and magickal practitioners learn how to increase their visibility, impact, and income online.

My Story

But that's not how things started for me...



When I first decided to become a spiritual coach, I didn't know how to get started promoting myself online. I had done the various coaching programs and healing modality certifications, but none of those programs taught me how to find clients and actually make money.


Coaching wasn't my first business, but it was the first business where the "product" I was selling was ME. I got really in my head about how to promote myself and spent countless hours researching, reading, taking courses, and trying to figure out what I was missing. But then my years of priestess training reminded me of one very important thing: healers naturally attract those who seek their unique medicine.


The key to attracting clients online is discovering your unique medicine and learning how to stand out online so the people who need your help can find you. And that's exactly what I help my clients do!

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